Game Stalls

The Can Can

A simple concept, throw the balls and knock all of the cans off the shelf. This one really gets the testosterone pumping, get a team of competitive males together and they will spend hours trying to outdo each other and clear the shelf, its not as simple as it sounds!

For kids, or the fairer sex, the number of cans can be reduced, or the number of balls increased to give them more chance of winning.

This game tends to be suitable for larger prizes, indeed many corporate clients supply wine of champagne to use as prizes on the stall. This is more a test of strength and accuracy whereas some games such as the cork guns tend to be down to luck.

The positioning of the cans, number and amount of balls being used can all be adjusted to suit the age group you are expecting at the event.

Mini Crossbows

A perfect complement to the shooting gallery, the mini crossbows are equally fun to play. Again utilising our customising service you can exchange the standard big game targets for something to fit in with your theme from pirates through to gangsters we have a large range of ready to use themes, or design your own, we produce targets with you mother in law featured prominently if that’s what you would like.

(Firing mini sucker tipped plastic darts, the mini crossbows are completely safe for use indoors and by any age group including children.)


Another game that looks easier than it is. Throw the ring over the block to win. This is another all time classic that people immediately associate with fairgrounds.

Coconut Shy

One of the all time classic fair- ground games, the coconut shy harks back to the earliest days of fairground games. Throw the wooden balls to knock the coconuts off the stand, not as easy as it looks requiring power with accuracy.

Choosing games for your event

Age Range

What age are the games aimed at, children, adults, both? For instance our top of the range shooting gallery uses Anschutz bolt action rifles, a gun used to train the Hitler youth during the 1940’s. Even though we have the gun reduced in power it is still too heavy, unwieldy and dangerous for very young children to use. Older children are fine if supervised but it is really aimed at adults. We have a number of shooting galleries that use guns firing cork projectiles which are perfectly safe even for toddlers to fire, whilst still entertaining enough for adults so this makes a good compromise.

Type Of Event

What is the event in aid of? Some- thing promoting peace and harmony isn’t really suitable for the aforementioned shooting gallery, perhaps hoopla or hook a duck would be more in keeping with the theme.

Are you promoting a product. If so something that dispenses a prize every time would work, or a football game would go down well at a football tournament. We can theme a game to fit in with whatever you are trying to achieve.

Other Considerations

Other things to consider are access, can we actually access the site with our shooting gallery that is built upon an 8 wheeled HGV, or is it in the lobby of a hotel and requires one of our Victorian stalls that can be dismantled and carried in?.

Will the guests be drinking heavily? In which case corks are better than pellets for the shooting game, throwing games with soft balls will be a better option than something with hard wooden missiles to throw!
We have a vast amount of experience in what does and does not work, so tell us what you are hoping to achieve and we will happily put together some ideas and themes for you, at the end of the day we want your event to be a big success, after all we want your repeat business!