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Does anything else make the pulse quicken as much as hearing a fairground ride operator announce, “Keep your hands and arms inside the car!”? You know there and then that this is going to be a good one.

It’s exactly the kind of warning you’d hear before the Matterhorn starts slowly turning round before it reaches its full, gravity-defying spin. This funfair ride is an incredible white-knuckle ride for thrill-seekers only and it’s available to hire for your very own event!

We’ve all seen funfair rides such as this but they’re mainly at large-scale travelling fairs, carnivals or even theme parks. This ride can be hired especially for your event, whatever that may be. It’s the white-knuckle ride that’s accessible to everyone – as long as they’re tall enough, of course.

All that the Matterhorn needs is enough of a flat surface for it to stand on and then away it goes. When you choose to order it from us, you won’t need to do a thing related to its construction; as soon as you’ve confirmed your booking, everything related to the delivery, setup, supervision of use and take-down of the Alpine-themed waltzer-style ride is in hand. 

Of course, with such a large ride we understand that there may be factors related to a booking which you may wish to discuss with us in person. We want your fairground ride hire to be absolutely perfect for you, so we’ll be happy to talk about it. As soon as we’ve put your mind at rest, it’s all systems go for the most dizzying fun there is!

Size 50ft 

Required Access Width: 8ft

Hire cost (from) £3,000