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Although we specialise in corporate events, we can supply attractions, rides, games, and catering units for medium and long term use.

We can provide catering units for small industrial estates through to major festivals.

If you need a catering unit to supply hot and cold food for a building site, football club, festival etc we can tailor a solution to your exact require- ments.
We also have units available on short notice for emergency works etc.

The ideal option for this is our MOBILE CATERING UNITS

We have a wide range of mobile catering units and concessions from Burger Vans, Hog Roasts and Fish ‘n’ Chip vans to Ice Cream vans, sweet trailers – whatever type of mobile catering unit you require PR GROUP can and WILL help.

We have a range of menus available, and we can comply with specialist requirements such as ko- sher and halal. We are also able to supply children’s and adult rides on long term contracts, in- cluding staff, power generators and £10 million public liability insurance.


Candy Floss Hire, The Fun Food

Easily our most popular cart, candy floss is booked regularly for weddings, parties, student events, product launches and exhibitions. This is a product that any age can enjoy. It is quite frequently booked with the children in mind, and then enjoyed by everyone from a baby to a grandmother.

Catering Cart  Services

We offer a range of custom catering cart services for events, promotions, exhibitions and corporate parties.

Fully Custom Branded Range Of Catering Carts
One Off Unique Carts Can Be Created From Scratch
Custom Branded Consumables
Full Service From Design To Operation
Custom Branded Catering Carts

Our range of catering carts can be custom branded for your companies exhibition or sales promotion. This can range from a simple branding such as custom printed panels with your sales message, through to a completely uniquely constructed cart for a one off job.

If you already have a preferred partner producing your exhibition stand we are more than happy to liaise with them in the provision of technical details and drawings allowing them to produce your custom stand in a format suitable for housing our equipment.

Branded Consumables

Most of our consumables such as coffee cups or popcorn bags can be printed with your corporate logo or sales message to ensure maximum exposure at your event.

Our staff can also be briefed to help answer potential clients queries directing them to the relevant staff member whilst serving them with a coffee, candy floss etc.

All of our carts are supplied complete with an expert operator, and are available in various packages ranging from 100 servings for smaller events to unlimited servings for large weddings and corporate events.  The candy floss itself can be supplied on sticks, in bags or in custom branded plastic tubs, ideal as an exhibition givaway or wedding favour.

The whole idea of our modular cart system is that you can mix and match the various options to cater for a wide variety of different events in all parts of the united kingdom.

Contact us for further details or a tailored quote.

Popcorn, The All Time Classic

Another classic fun fair food is popcorn. Available salted or sugared nothing beats the aroma of freshly popping corn.  Popcorn can be supplied in a number of ways. The most cost effective option is to add it to one of our candy floss carts. One operator will prepare and serve both popcorn and candy floss, ideal for the smaller event.

If you are catering for a larger audience then a separate popcorn cart with its own operator is a must. You can choose from our mini classic popcorn stand, or go for the full Victorian style cart, the same type our candy floss is supplied on.

Pick And Mix Units For Hire

The Taste Of Days Gone By. Imagine a stand filled with sweets, all of your old favourites from yesteryear for you to choose from.

That’s exactly what our new pick and mix stands offer you, a selection of 20 different sweets can be carried on the stand which holds a mammoth 60kg of confectionary, enough for the largest of weddings or parties.

The stand can be custom themed with your companies logo and graphics making it ideal for an exhibition or launch party, and if it is for your wedding we can deliver it with wedding themed decoration.

The stand is supplied with 8 scoops and pick and mix bags enabling your guests and clients to help themselves.

20 Different Sweets On Each Stand
60KG Of Confectionary
Uniformed Attendant
Custom Themed Stands Available
Additional Sweets Can Be Supplied
Nationwide Service

Hot Roasted Chestnuts

Something that has been popular  since Dickensian times, there is nothing quite like the aroma of freshly roasting chestnuts, served in small bags, these have proven popular at events from weddings through to sports matches.

An example of a traditional style chestnut cart, available for your event.

Mexican Nacho Carts Available

For a taste of Tex-Mex cuisine, add a nacho’s cart with sizzling cheese sauce to your event.

Crispy tortilla chips served with a warm cheese sauce makes an excellent complement to many of the other food and drink products we offer.

Jacket Potato Carts For Hire

Jacket potatoes, or baked potatoes as they are sometimes known are probably one of our healthier options (unless of course you like it with full fat cheese and high salt beans!)

Spiral Fries Cart For Hire

A novel take on the humble potato. Our electric spiral fries machine cuts a potato into a long thin spiral strip, this is then quickly fried and seasoned with our special range of spices, making a quick novel snack

Hot Dog Carts For Hire

Hot dogs, like burgers are the archetypal funfair cuisine. Our dogs are supplied in buns with a range of condiments to suit any event. If you require a particular sauce, or even Halal or Kosher hot dogs let us know and we will source them for you.

Like our other catering systems hot dogs are available on one of our Victorian style carts, or the table top steamer can be used by itself, perhaps on an exhibition booth or table.

Steaming Hot Soup

Another favourite from a bygone era, soup. Available in a range of flavours, perfect for outdoor events as those cold nights are drawing in. We have a range of standard flavours in stock, and access to a fabulous range of innovative soups available to order.

All of our soups are made using only quality natural ingredients, we NEVER use the cheap dry powder mix, which results in little more than flavoured water.

Details of our flavours here…….

Standard Soup Flavours
Leek And Potato
Cream Of Chicken
Plum Tomato And Sweet Basil
Pea And Ham
Broccoli And Stilton
Cream Of Tomato

Carrot And Coriander
Lentil And Bacon
Spicy Moroccan Bean
Chicken Broth
Sweet Potato, Coconut And Lime
Thai Chicken And Coconut
Tomato, Red Pepper And Chilli
Courgette And Brie
Parsnip And Parmesan
Spiced Butternut Squash
Mexican Corn With Chilli
Sweet Potato And Jalapeno Pepper
Smoked Haddock Chowder
Tomato And Orange

Crepes Cart For Hire

Crepes make a welcome change from the usual fare served at weddings and events. We specialise in sweet crepes, with chocolate and other sauces, along with cream and various fruit fillings make an ideal dessert. If you want we can supply savoury crepes with various fillings such as ham, cheese, beef etc.

Freshly cooked in front of you, this is another crowd puller ideal for exhibitions and corporate events.

Belgian Waffle Cart Hire

Delicious Waffles!! Mouthwatering Belgian waffles freshly baked in front of you on one of our Belgian Waffle carts.

Available with a range of sweet and savoury options, the aroma of fresh waffles drifts around the room drawing your guests to the cart to sample its delights.

Available on one of our Victorian style carts, waffles are perfect for weddings and parties, and equally at home on an exhibition stand or at a product launch.

Our waffle carts are provided with;

Uniformed Staff
Biodegradable plates and cutlery
Recyclable napkins
Selection of sauces, cream and fruit
Or Selection of savoury items

“SO Hire a Belgian Waffle cart TODAY for your event throughout the UK”

Pretzel Carts For Hire

A pretzel is a bread pastry of Medieval European origin that has the shape of a three looped knot or twisted braid.

We offer a pick and mix option based on one of our victorian style carts, with a variety of different flavoured pretzels. This can be supplied with an attendant dispensing the pretzels, or as a self service option.

Doughnut Cart Mania

Delicious doughnuts, or donuts as our American cousins would have it. Available in standard size or as the mini Dunkin Donut brand. Another in a long line of classic fun foods.

Available on one of our Victorian style carts or in the mini Dunkin Donut trailer, for corporate events, parties, music festivals, markets or any other indoor or outdoor event.

Ice Cream Cart Hire

Ice cream is one of the all time favourite deserts. Our carts serve a selection of soft scoop flavours from a small Yorkshire Ice Cream producer. Upto 6 different flavours can be carried on our carts, all served in quality sugar cones.
We can also offer upto 5 flavours of Kulfi Ice Cream, the Asian dessert that has its own unique texture and flavour.

Kulfi Cart Hire

We offer a selection of authentic Kulfi Ice Cream for any event.
Available in the following flavours;


We supply only the finest quality kulfi, perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events, and as a bonus our Kulfi is Halal.

We can also quite happily offer a mixed cart with both Kulfi and western ice cream to offer something to all of your guests.

Chocolate Fountains Available For Hire

Add a touch of luxury to any event with one of our full sized chocolate fountains, 44 inches of decadent Belgium chocolate slowly cascading down for you to dip into, pure heaven for anyone. We offer chocolate in Milk, Dark and white options, or to special order we can tint it to over a dozen different colours to match your event scheme. For the ultimate why not add a fruit palm tree to the fountain or one of our stunning beverage fountains.

MicroBAR, Our New Mobile Draught Beer Bar

Although our microBAR system is primarily designed to dispense draught lager and beers, we can also add wine, soft drinks, mulled wine, frozen cocktails and spirit to our microBAR creating a compact but effective drinks point for your party.

Milk Shake Carts Available Nationwide

We are pleased to announce that we have added these thick shakes to our portfolio of catering carts. Made with semi skimmed milk, the shakes are a much healthier alternative to the usual fizzy drinks served at events.

Available in the following delicious flavours;

Milk shake carts are available in a number of different options to cater for events of any size or scale.


Discover the delights of the Green Fairy.

Possibly one of history’s most controversial drinks, Absinthe was banned in most countries, (although surprisingly for once, not in England!). Widely believed to have hallucinogenic properties the drink was much loved by the Bohemian set in the early 1900’s.

Available in versions upto almost 80% alcohol, Absinthe is meant to be watered down in a ritual known as Louching, where iced water is dripped onto a sugar cube which dissolves and drops through a slotted spoon into the glass of Absinthe, this makes it a real talking point, ideal for attracting attention to your exhibition stand, or at a product launch.

One of our Absinthe bars can be provided on a modern bar unit, or one of our Victorian style carts, with 2 stunning Absinthe fountains allowing 4 drinks to be produced at once.

Absinthe in its neat state is a deep green or sometimes an almost colourless liquid, when it is louched (ie iced water is drizzled into it) it turns cloudy, as various oils and aromas are released giving it its distinctive and unique taste.

Jaegermeister Bar Hire

We can now offer a JagerMeister bar for hire. Supplied either on one of our Victorian style carts or one of our new bar units, JagerMeister makes for stunning talking point at any event. Ideal for exhibition stands or corporate launches.

JagerMeister Tap Machine

To ensure your JagerMeister is served at the optimum temperature, we have acquired the legendary JagerMeister Tap Machine, which chills the drink to around -15C, the ideal temperature to bring out the unique taste.

 It is traditionally served in test tube type containers, and can be mixed with Red Bull to create a JagerBomb, or with Grenadine and Orange Juice to create a JagerMonster.

We can add the JagerMeister tap machine to any of our bars for your guests enjoyment, or we can even supply a small specialist bar dedicated solely to this drink, ideal for exhibitions or whenever you need to make an impact

What Is JagerMeister?

Jaegermeister is made from a mixture of 56 roots, barks, blossoms and herbs. Cinammon from Sri Lanka, bitter oranges from Australia, ginger roots from South Asia and saffron from Spain to create a unique herbal liqueur, which should be served at minus 15 degrees centigrade!

Spiced Cider Carts For Hire

Spiced Cider is a traditional winter drink in various European cultures. Dry cider is heated to just below boiling point and infused with various spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, star anise and others.

It makes a warming refreshing drink perfect for those cold winter events, and an ideal accompaniment to one of our hot roast chestnut stands.

Spiced Cider can be offered together with Hot Pimms, Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate or Hot Thick Shakes to give you a comprehensive ‘Winter Warmer’ service.

HOT Pimms bar Hire

With the approach of winter, why not warm your guests with one of our new hot Pimms carts. Steaming hot Pimms with either cranberry juice or apple juice makes a thoroughly warming beverage.
Hot Pimms can be offered together with Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider, Hot Chocolate or Hot Thick Shakes to give you a comprehensive ‘Winter Warmer’ service.
Available on our Victorian style carts, or under a Pimms branded gazebo.

Pimms Bar Hire

Pimms, that traditional f=drink reminiscant of a gentler, England, when Britannia ruled the waves, and it was the age of Empire.
A lovely refreshing drink perfect for garden parties or summer weddings.

Ice cold Slush Carts Available Nationwide

Just in time for the hot summer months we now offer a selection of Slush drinks carts. Available with various flavours of the coole refreshing drink, it makes a perfect complement to one of our hot dog, or burger carts.
Available in the following delicious flavours;

Bubble gum
Black current
Passion Fruit

We can also supply Frozen Cocktails for adult events
Slush drinks carts are available in a number of different options to cater for events of any size or scale.

Slush, The Cool Refreshing Summer Drink

A Slush Drink has two major components; the base and the flavouring. The base is made from a special syrup that is mixed with water and then frozen. This creates a mixture resulting in pellets of ice in a sweet liquid. The taste is simply that of the flavoured syrup.

Frozen Cocktail Cart Hire Available In The UK

Just in time for the hot summer months we now offer a selection of frozen cocktail drinks carts. Available with various  cool refreshing drinks, it makes a perfect complement to one of our hot dog, or burger carts.

Available in the following delicious flavours;

Pina Colada

We can also supply Slush Drinks for events where alcohol is not suitable.

Pure Juice Carts Available Nationwide

Just in time for the hot summer months we now offer a selection of Pure fruit juice carts, possibly our healthiest option yet. Available with various juices to make a  refreshing drink, it makes a perfect complement to one of our hot dog, or burger carts.

Pure Fruit Juice Cart Hire

Currently available in the following delicious flavours;

Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Pineapple Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Mango and Orange Mix

If you require a particular juice, or mix of juice let us know and we can probably supply it.

Currently our carts dispense 2 flavours of juice as standard but this can be extended to upto 4 if necessary

Mulled Wine Cart Hire

Mulled wine is a traditional winter drink in various European cultures. While there are many recipes and regional variants, mulled wine generally consists of wine mixed with spices and served hot. Originally, preparing mulled wine was a way to extend the life of a wine that had passed its prime, but the beverage has come to be associated with winter holidays and celebrations, particularly Christmas.  Mulled wine can be combined with our new Hot Pimms cart to provide your guests with even more choice.

Mulled Wine can be offered together with Hot Pimms, Spiced Cider, Hot Chocolate or Hot Thick Shakes to give you a comprehensive ‘Winter Warmer’ service.

High Quality Drinks Fountain Hire

We have a range of top quality drinks fountain available for hire. Not the cheap plastic type you can hire from many operators, we only use Apex Goldon Anniversary series fountains, these are hand made, hand polished stainless fountains, 46 inches high and holding upto 5 gallons of beverage. Add the integral lighting effect, a Victorian style base to stand the fountain on and one of our experienced uniformed attendants and you have the ideal centrepiece for your event.

Most people hire a drinks fountain for champagne, but they can be used with virtually any drink, water, whisky, wine brandy the choice is yours.

Baileys fountain hire

The must have item for 2011 events, imagine a drinks fountain filled with Baileys Irish Cream.  Smooth Baileys cascading down 46 inches of stainless steel fountain, only to be caught in your Belgian chocolate shot cup.

The perfect centrepiece for weddings, parties, exhibitions and corporate events.

Due to the restrictions at most venues, you would need to arrange the supply of Baileys for the fountain.

Each Baileys fountain is supplied with;

One of our 46 Inch Stainless Steel fountains
A Uniformed Attendant
240 Belgian chocolate shot cups (more available on request)
Full after event clean up service.

Our stunning range of fountains are also available to carry wine, champagne, fruit juices, punch and any other smooth liquid (drinks containing pulp will block the pump up and are unsuitable for use).

Hot Chocolate Carts Available For Hire

Once thought to have been a gift from the gods, and having been drunk for nearly 2000 years, hot chocolate makes the perfect offering for events you may be planning during those long, cold winter months.
We offer 2 different services, the nations favourite Cadburys hot chocolate is guaranteed to be a sure fire hit anytime.

Alternatively we offer a luxury drinking chocolate from Charbonnel Et Walkeralker, made from the shavings of their luxury chocolate, this is classed as a ‘Drinking Chocolate’ .

Hot chocolate can be offered together with Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider, Hot Pimms or Hot Thick Shakes to give you a comprehensive ‘Winter Warmer’ service.

Hot Thick Shake Cart Hire

Our new Hot Thick Shake cart makes a novel offering for events during the colder months. Available in Banana, Strawberry or chocolate flavours, thick hot creamy shakes can be enjoyed by all ages, and makes a perfect alternative for the kids if their parents are enjoying the delights of our mulled wine or spiced cider carts.

Hot Thick Shakes can be offered together with Hot Pimms, Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate or Spiced Cider to give you a comprehensive ‘Winter Warmer’ service.

Espresso coffee cart Hire

A fabulous range of Mobile coffee carts with espresso based coffees, along with tea and hot chocolate, all served by a trained barista from one of our Victorian style coffee carts. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans is perfect for enticing visitors to your exhibition stand or display. Specialty coffee makes a perfect alternative to alcohol or soft drinks and complements our other catering solutions perfectly. We can also supply coffee carts on short or long term lease, complete with stock, consumables and training.