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You need to be a real daredevil to ride the Tagada Crazy Shake! This is one of the premier white knuckle rides, and while you don’t see it very often in the UK, it’s very successful internationally, and is world-renowned as one of the most challenging and exciting fairground rides available.

So how does the Tagada fairground ride work? The aim of this fairground ride is simple – passengers sit in the round Tagada, and it spins and bounces in time with the music! There are no restraints, and the bounces use pneumatic arms to move in time with the beat of the music. 

As this is monitored and operated by one of the trained staff members at Funfair Hire Services,you can expect a fun and safe ride for everyone! We’ve got full insurance and our team know how to operate the Tagada to ensure the entertainment of all riders.

Size 38ft x 38ft

Required Access Width: 8ft

Hire cost (from) £2,500